As concern over the COVID-19 virus continues to grow and many labs are discontinuing all non-essential testing, Medical Graphics UK has received many inquiries as to the best practice for infection control when using our devices. Our products, although not critical care or emergency medical devices, are used to assess, diagnose and monitor the effect of COVID-19 on patients. The safety of our customers, their staff and patients is of utmost importance to us.

Having clear and defined infection control policies is important for your protection. 

As such, we wanted to provide some guidance regarding infection control and cleaning options.

On the advice of our parent company, MGC Diagnostics, we suggest three options for infection control – letting you make the choice that is right for your facility;

Simply change the filter and keep the same preVent® flow sensor and BreathPath™ patient circuit.
Change the flow sensor and patient circuit between patients and replace with disinfected components.
Dispose of the flow sensor and patient circuit after each patient.

Changing out the patient test supplies can be done in <1 min with no warm-up time or recalibration of the system.

To download the latest Product Bulletin on Cleaning and Disinfection Instructions of  MGC Diagnostics parts and supplies, click on the link below:

MGC Infection Control Procedure

Should you have any questions on the infection procedures outlined above, feel free to contact your area manager or contact the office on