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GVS Spiroguard

GVS provides Filters for Lung Function Testing (Spiroguard) with proven filtration of 99,9999% up to 0,027 micron.

The filter media has hydrophobis properties to minimise droplet contamination, as well as providing a low resistance and low dead space to improve the validity and consistency of respiratory testing results to minimise rebreathing.


The NeumoFilt Ergo Filter has been designed to allow the patient’s teeth and lips to adapt comfortably to the mouthpiece to prevent air leakage. The Filtration media has proved a filtration efficency level without precedents with a low resistance to air flow.

Available for all systems on the market – Med Graphics, VyAir, N-Spire, Medisoft


The preVent II™ filter uses high quality electrostat® material that traps bacteria and viruses, preventing contamination to the patient, technician and equipment.

With a unique oval mouthpiece design and lip grip, the filter is comfortable to use. Designed to fit directly on the preVent flow sensor, the smart design is leak-free yet can be rotated for proper patient alignment.


The Mada bacteria filters have a unique 3d shaped mouthpiece that is shaped to the mouth so that the Mada bacteria filters fit perfectly on the mouth for a correct seal.

In addition, the MADA bacteria filters meet the highest requirements. Excellent bacterial and viral filtration while maintaining a very low resistance.

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